As a Product Designer and Manager, I’m driven by improving lives through better process and product.

The key to my portfolio of impactful projects boils down to three key areas:
- Design Background: Through innovative, user-centric design, I have changed the way users consider and approach everyday problems.
- Experience with Mobile and Web Products: I manage complex, cross-functional projects where I excel by effectively communicating with tech and non-tech employees to efficiently produce quality products. 
- Drive for Continual Improvement: I have a track record of playing an integral role in large-scale growth at fast-paced startups and non-profits. I create change through designing and testing solutions to make better products, at scale.

Above all is my passion for creating technical solutions for human problems. I've built every one of my successes on the belief that good products come from listening to users.

The most recent example of my work was at Joyable, an online platform that aims to reduce clients’ anxiety and depression. As our client base grew by 50%, I improved coaching processes to account for growth while maintaining top quality client engagement. I partnered with the product and engineering teams in an Agile environment to conduct user testing and research, and then design, quality test, implement, and provide training on an internal HIPAA-compliant CRM tool. The change helped coaches organize their clients while still feeling connected to each person individually. 

From my experience, I know that excellent products can positively change lives, and I'm determined continue to create user-oriented impact in my future roles.

If you'd like to connect further about working together, please email me directly at spg223@gmail.com.