Create a recipes detail and/or search page. Each recipe has a title, multiple photos, a description, a shopping list, a how­to section, share options, a rating, multiple reviews and user uploaded photos. You are encouraged to add additional elements. You can create your own branding or use Yelp’s branding and design as if it’s a complementary product. Optimize your design to get users to share the recipe.


I created a recipe-sharing app that allows users to share their own recipes, rate and review other recipes, as well as search for and save recipes for themselves, or within in-app groups.

This app can be used by anyone who wants to collect and/or share recipes. In this case, the Stranger Things characters have found this app helpful in keeping track of and sharing their favorite recipes with their friends. ˙ǝɹɐp noʎ ɟı 'ʇno ʇı ʞɔǝɥɔ


In order to build a product designed for recipe-sharing, we first have to understand user motivation for sharing content online. I came to the conclusion that there are 3 main factors compelling users to share online:

  • Personal Brand. The Internet, and subsequently, social media platforms, have opened up a new outlet for users to express themselves. Establishing a personal brand is not only fun, it's vital in standing out online. Users further this personal brand by sharing content that is in-line with their personal brand and beliefs.
  • Pride. Similar to brand, there’s a certain pride that comes along with sharing something online that is well received by friends, family, and even followers you’ll never meet. Being able to share your content (self-created or not) with others is exciting, and fun!
  • Social Connections. The majority of online networks have a social component. Unless there is a true need for this component, or the network is explicitly built around the social aspects, it can be difficult for users to see value in the social element. Incorporating content that is inherently shareable into an online network or app is important in showing users the value of connecting to their friends there.

With the help of the Stranger Things characters, I identified three types of users of a recipe-sharing app:  

  • Barb H - Top Chef. In Barb’s small town of Hawkins, Indiana, she’s made something of a local celebrity of herself because of the incredible meals she cooks and shares with others. Her friend Nancy encourages her to share her recipes online, so she downloads the app and posts a recipe of her famous Upside Down Cake.
  • Joyce B. - Solo Scroller. As a single mom, Joyce doesn’t have much free time to try out new recipes, but she wants to be able to provide the best for her sons.
  • Dustin H. - Friendly Foodie. Dustin’s young, but he knows what he likes: hanging out with his friends, and eating good food. He and his friend group are going to bring new dishes to his friend Mike's house so they have something to eat during long Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Dustin isn't an experienced cook, and is nervous about what to make.